In the Classroom

This week has been an interesting one. Aside from teaching a 7th grade class here at AECS (Adventist English Conversation School), I have also been assigned to teach twice a week at a place known as Padet School. It's about 30 minutes away -- without traffic -- from where I'm staying, and my 6th grade class consists of 12 students. These kids are so well-behaved that one student asked me for permission to drink from her water bottle. "Excuse me, miss. May I drink?" I was so taken aback, it took me a few long seconds to respond.

In addition, I have also been asked to create a course at Padet where I can teach the teachers. Yes, teach the teachers. Considering that most of them are still struggling with English, they are in need of assistance with classroom management, teaching techniques, and daily conversation. Mind you, I have never taught a class in my life. But thanks to my professional educator sister-in-law and Pinterest, I somehow came up with a compilation of lesson plans and recommendations. 

Speaking of my sister-in-law, if you haven't heard of The Bookworm Club yet, you're missing out! Christine is a talented mother and educator, and she was one of my biggest supporters for the creation of this blog. Click the link to learn more about her organization!

These first few pictures were shot during my AECS course.

The remaining shots were taken at Padet School.


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