Greetings from Jakarta! 

After 28 hours of plane rides and layovers, I finally landed in Indonesia around 9 a.m. yesterday. The culture shock was serious, but it also increased my excitement and eagerness to learn. What I've learned thus far:

  1. Don't look ahead while riding in a car. You just might have a heart attack.
  2. In America, a free glass of drinkable tap water is a luxury and a gift. So is a hot-watered shower.
  3. The spiciness is real. 
  4. Everything is cheap -- but don't let sellers take advantage of you.
  5. Don't bother straightening your hair.

Day two has almost concluded, and so far, I have no regrets about coming here. But your prayers are still greatly appreciated! Here are some pictures I took while roaming around the campus.

I teach my first class tomorrow. Wish me luck!