A Day in the Life

Here are some snippets of my Tuesday via Fujifilm.

1. Living here has forced me to be more experimental with my meal preparations. Also, the parents would be proud to know that I'm consuming a plentiful amount of fruits and vegetables per day. Hopefully, this continues when I return home. I should say, however, that my craving for In-N-Out is severe. 

2. I've always been privileged with a dryer, but now I've adapted to the routine of hang-drying all of my clothes. At least I won't have to worry about shrinking anything.

3. Whenever I've been in the office too long, I take a break by crossing the gates and walking to the nearby market. It's nice to get some fresh (polluted) air every now and then.

4. On Tuesdays, I teach two courses, with the one I photographed being my smaller group of students. Today, we talked about dream jobs. One student wants to work with graphics for Google. Another aspires to be a pilot someday. 



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