Fadly isn't afraid to speak up first, even if he's incorrect. I've grown so accustomed to it, I always look to him now for an answer.

Gaby is the leader of the group. She's my righthand woman, and everyone looks to her for clarification.

Joane is a sweetheart. So far, she's the only one who asked me for my birthday and my favorite things.

Gideon is my star student. He knows the most English out of everyone. Side note: He pulled out Indomie during class today.


Riris is the coy and cute one. If she can't express her words in English, she always covers her mouth with her hand and giggles.

Cecil is also coy. The language barrier between us is stronger, but once she opens up, her effort is evident. 


Daniel is our class clown. He's always cracking jokes in class. Lucky for me -- some of them are super corny, and I love it.

Angel is the girl who flips her hair and holds her head up high. She's confident. Last week, she told me she's my number one fan. 


Katherine (Titin) is soft-spoken, but very intelligent. Side note: That's Daniel photobombing her portrait. 

Karen ("Kaw-ren"), Titin's brother, is always the one student who says "Shhh!" when I'm trying to get the class' attention. 

I'm so thankful they got stuck with me as their English teacher.