My Last Days in Indonesia


These photos should've been posted a week ago when I actually left Indonesia. I was so overcome with excitement and a hint of jet lag that I never got around to posting. But better late than never!

Sometimes, it's still hard to believe I've already returned home, and my five-month trip is over. Saying my goodbyes to the people I've grown close to in Indonesia was heartbreaking. But I'm hopeful that I'll see them again in the future. 

These photos were taken during my last two days in Jakarta. In a nutshell, I spent them eating as much food as I could possibly handle and enjoying the company of my colleagues and friends. I'm definitely beginning to miss it there, but it feels so nice to be near my family again. As of now, I'm preparing to start the MOT program at LLU next week. It's surreal that I'm finally starting my courses, but I'm so excited to learn again. I'm sure I'll slightly regret saying that after I get a taste of gross anatomy, but oh well! Never stop learning.

I'll do my best to keep this site updated! 'Til then...

Here's to cherished memories, a new outlook on life, and another fresh start.